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Deutsch connectors offer an array of innovative solutions to suit any application. Connectors are designed to mate securely with very little force, aiding in field service and reducing assembly time. Deutsch molded shells are shock and vibration resistant, field proven for longer service life. Rugged, durable housing options include metal and thermoplastic.

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Deutsch Contacts LJR Electronics


The Deutsch Industrial Common Contact System is an innovative system of interchangeable contacts that can be used with various Deutsch connectors. Contacts are available in solid or stamped and formed. Contacts also vary in plating, which include gold, nickel, and tin. Contacts are easily crimped to create gas tight seals to prevent oxidation.

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Deutsch Wedgelocks LJR Electronics


Deutsch offers a range of accessory items to compliment the connectors. Accessories are designed to assist in completing design requirements of specific applications; such as, additional protection, assisting with mounting, and increased aesthetics. Some accessories available are boots, back shells, gaskets, dust caps, & mounting clips.

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Deutsch Tooling


Deutsch offers several types of tools to assist with hand and production wire crimping, wire insertion and removal and wedgelock/terminal position assurance removal. Deutsch contacts must be crimped with Deutsch tooling in order to ensure a proper crimp and to achieve the highest level of performance, especially while under stress within harsh environments.

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